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Many business sectors are looking or have already turned to the internet to help increase sales and / or reduce order processing costs. Web Shops can be used to expand existing consumer markets or indeed to add a new consumer sales channel to market. Internet ordering for existing business to business customers can provide added ordering options for your customers as well as improving your own order taking efficiency.

Whether you are looking to venture into internet sales for the first time or have already developed an internet solution that would benefit from proven integration to Sage 1000 & Line 500, the latest developments at Vection will be of great interest to you.


If you are looking to provide product information and or make consumer style sales, a reliable, visual web shop can be configured from a standard set of web shop applications. Available to existing and potential customers alike, orders and new customer details can be taken and passed to Sage 1000 / Line 500. Where new customers are identified, the interface creates customers ‘on the fly’ using a combination of a template customer in Sage 1000 / Line 500 and the details captured on the web shop. Credit card processing can be a standard feature of this style of webshop.


Traditional visual web shops can be very inefficient for quick and or large order processing by existing customers. However with the Vection solution, a simple, efficient and effective ordering system can allow existing customers to place orders at any time of day or night with purchase order details given as authority to raise the order on their account.


Orders achieved from either inbound or outbound call centres can be captured outside of Sage in for example a CRM product. Such orders can then either be exported to Sage via the Vection Sales Order Interface or collected by, for example from the Vection API.

Want to see what else we offer? Contact us today and we’ll set up a consultation so you can find the right product for you.

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