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As we all know, standard software packages provide a great deal of functionality for a very good price. However we also all know that there are limitations as to how much a standard package can be configured to make it fit a business operation.

As officially licenced holders of the source code for both old and new versions of Sage Line 500, Sage 1000 and Sage ERP 1000, Vection Technology are able to tailor the software to make it fit your business operation.

Working with your Sage Business partner to ensure full supportability of your requirement, Vection Technology provide many different forms of solutions, from small low cost minor enhancements to large applications that may cover a complete business function.

By using experienced personnel who understand both the software and business operations we are able to work together to provide a design that gives the required result with the minimum change to the standard software.

Using the 5 D’s (Discovery, Design, Development, Deliver, Deployment) in conjunction with our vast experience we have gained a reputation of providing projects on time & on budget.

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