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Automating, Interfacing & Extending, Sage Line 500 and Sage 1000

What we do

 The Sage mid market range of products provide excellent levels of functionality. To enhance the functionality even further, Vection provide a range of standard application extensions to Sage 500 / 1000, a customisation service to help maximise the base software investment and integration expertise.

About us

Vection Technology provides products and services for the Sage mid market community. Started in 2002 by ex Tetra / Sage personnel, Vection has close to 100 man years of experience of the top tier and mid-market business environments.


One of our key assets is our ability to listen to customer business issues or requirements, understand the significance of the subject to the business and to provide a cost effective, practical solution. With so many years’ experience in so many different business environments we have a vast pool of knowledge to draw from.


Developed using the same programming environment as the standard Sage programs, we have a number of application extensions that are all fully compatible with both previous and the latest versions of the standard Sage Line 500, Sage 1000 and Sage 1000 ERP.


As we all know, standard software packages provide a great deal of functionality for a very good price. However we also know that there are limitations as to how much a standard package can be configured to make it fit an individual business operation.

As officially licenced holders of the source code for both old and new versions of
Sage Line 500, Sage 1000 and Sage ERP 1000, Vection Technology are able to tailor the software to make it fit your business operation.

Working with your Sage Business partner to ensure full supportability of your requirement, Vection Technology provide many different forms of solutions, from small low cost minor enhancements to large applications that may cover a complete business function.

By using experienced personnel who understand both the software and business operations we are able to work together to provide a design that gives the required result with the minimum change to the standard software.

Using the 5 D’s (Discovery, Design, Development, Delivery, Deployment) in conjunction with our vast experience, we have gained a reputation of providing projects on time & on budget.


Software Maintenance & Support
As you would expect from a professional organisation we offer maintenance & support services for the software we supply. The service not only provides coverage for our programming but also covers the application of fixes provided by Sage to the standard Sage module.

We’re proud to say that we’ve outperformed our contracted SLA’s (Support Level Agreement) each year. This reflects our understanding of how important software issues are to business operations.

Data Conversions
With our extensive knowledge of data modelling and general business applications, we are able to perform data conversions from non-Sage products to Sage ERP and Sage CRM applications.

Microsoft, Oracle and Informix SQL products are well known and well understood by our developers. We undertake all forms of consultancy from planning data storage to helping to identify performance issues.

.NET C# & C++
Although a standard package offers excellent functionality per £, sometimes the efficiency and or look and feeling of a customised development is necessary. Using our Discovery, Design, Develop, Deliver and Deploy methodology, we are able to provide an excellent customised programming service to deliver a specific requirement, in a choice of development environments.


Interested in finding out more? Give us a call today.

Vection Technology Ltd.
Forge Works, Ditchfield Common, High Wycombe
HP14 3HJ, United Kingdom

01494 880500

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